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Artisans, creations, imagination, craftsmanship are all necessary ingredients for our home and garden decor. Most of our items are unusual pieces not found elsewhere. Being unique, different and innovate sets us apart from most other companies. 

We at GOODMAN AND WIFE work closely with our ARTISTS that share our vision. Our vision is to create products that inspire not only us but our customers. When we say vision, creativity and inspiration, choosing the right people is paramount. We pick people that have an open mind and are artists. We are not out to follow the pack rather to be the front runner having other companies follow us.

Most of our products are handmade, hand-pressed,hand-blown and hand-painted using old world craftsmanship offering top quality decor made to last decades. Beautifully crafted by Artisans with 40 or more years of experience. With exquisite craftsmanship and specialized design. Goodman and Wife has acquired beautiful products that we personally design, manufacturing, inspect, pack and ship.  from the scratch to finish products . 

People say, love what you do in life. It is with that thought loving our work is a dream come true. Our passion to offer quality made products to customers everywhere drives the company's policies. One of our mindsets are, don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. As a child didn't you love to play in the mud, finger painting or helping mom in the kitchen? Today by being hands on with inspection, packaging and shipping we get to live that memory daily. Every measure that we take, is with our customer in mind. Would the customer love this for their home? Will the customer like the quality? Is the packaging up to their standard? Will it be delivered on time? So does this mean we love our customer? Love is a variety of different feelings, I feel a personal attachment to each and every one. I write e-mails to them thanking them for purchasing one of our products. That purchase is my attachment to them. It's a little piece of our efforts that's able to grace their homes. We smile knowing our ideals haven't been sacrificed. 

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