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Goodman and Wife-The destination for home decor products



Goodman and Wife is the No.1 destination for home decor products. We offer top quality items at affordable prices worldwide. 

Goodman and Wife started with a simple concept, the husband Tim Goodman with a lifetime of business experience from the United States and the wife Xiao a professional in finance and trading conceived " Goodman and Wife" in 2012. Goodman and Wife is the brainchild of both founders. Goodman and Wife offers items in Porcelain, Ceramic, Terracotta, Poly-resin, Wood, Glass, Iron and various other types of materials. Pieces that are handmade,hand-painted,hand-blown,hand-pressed or hand-thrown that are of high quality to insure a continued uptrend. Goodman and Wife's future is based on its painstaking efforts moving forward. A level of quality control that is second to none. A offering of new designs, concepts and development. A desire to satisfy the customer first and foremost never putting the company's interests before theirs.



                         "We truly love what we do "

People say, love what you do in life. It is with that thought loving our work is a dream come true. Our passion to offer quality made products to customers everywhere drives the company's policies. One of our mindsets are, don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. As a child didn't you love to play in the mud, finger painting or helping mom in the kitchen? Today by being hands on with inspection, packaging and shipping we get to live that memory daily. Every measure that we take, is with our customer in mind. Would the customer love this for their home? Will the customer like the quality? Is the packaging up to their standard? Will it be delivered on time? So does this mean we love our customer? Love is a variety of different feelings, I feel a personal attachment to each and every one. I write e-mails to them thanking them for purchasing one of our products. That purchase is my attachment to them. It's a little piece of our efforts that's able to grace their homes. We smile knowing our ideals haven't been sacrificed.


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